8 benefits of joining communities in the app

1-A support network
2-Professional development
3-Sense of purpose
4-Alleviate stress
5-New inspiration and ideas
6-Empowered decision-making
7-Better communication skills
8-Greater resilience

How Community adds value to your social life?

Being part of an engaging community gives us a sense of belonging. It enables us to share personal relatedness and support perpetual growth of each other, ourselves and our environment,

Strong communities are critical because they’re often an important source of social connections and a sense of belonging. Participating in a community bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.

~Create Your Own Community~

Communities are social units that create a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common interests, goals, and attitudes. Social media marketers are responsible for fostering thriving communities. It’s not enough just to have a huge social following. You must also have an engaged community.


Start building your communities 

  • Communities can take many different shapes, and they’re formed on the basis of all kinds of commonalities—including shared interests, geography, or identity,
  • It enables us to share personal relatedness and support perpetual growth of each other, ourselves and our environment,
  • Having a sense of community unites us,
  • An open bond with new connections is what builds valuable relationships, and gives us a deeper sense of belonging. It helps us to reach our goals, and brings a sense of security.


Short of talking with someone face-to-face, a phone call is the best way to get a personal response. If the person you called is available, you can get linked on the spot.

Audio Calling

The last but not the least advantages of communication skills is that Communication helps people to be more expressive about their ideas and to be more creative. It allows us to understand others' emotions, their perspective, their goals, and thoughts of others.

Private Communication

Reduces security stack complexity and improves control and management. Expands a minimal security footprint with less cost than single-point solutions. Produces better visibility and context across an environment.

Secure Platform

Chat rooms are online spaces where users communicate with one another through text-based messages. It's like a virtual cocktail party, where strangers gather to flirt, argue about politics and sports, ask for advice, talk about shared hobbies and interests, or simply hang out

Chat Rooms

The main purpose of video conferencing is to enable face-to-face communication between two or more people in different locations. It is a popular alternative to phone conferencing for businesses and provides individual users with an inexpensive means of communication with distant friends and family.

Video Calling

Reels allows you to share bite-sized, engaging information with your followers. By using this feature you can create short 3 to 15-second video clips that you can add filters and music to. Instagram users are able to post it on their feed, Reels tab, and stories.

Reels, Stories and much more

How it works

Social media is a big part of many young people’s social and creative lives. Children and teenagers use social media to have fun, make and maintain friendships, share interests, explore identities and develop relationships with family. LINKILY IS ALL ABOUT SOCIALIZING


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Personalization, Is changing the game. We have launched chat room to connect with like-minded people. “STAY CONNECTED”

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